Friday, October 17, 2008

What are you doing here?


Those colors can be only one thing. Well, two things. A big mess o' color, or a Doctor Who scarf. This is the latter.

I really really really really really love Doctor Who. Well, I love Russell T Davies' Doctor Who. Watching old episodes of Doctor Who just mostly makes me fall asleep, which I realize makes me a heathen in the realm of Anglophilia. But I want a scarf.

Well, except for that I don't want a scarf, because that sucker is 15 feet long. No. I want some arm warmers or wrist warmers, and a scarf of moderate size. So I'll be heavily modifying the pattern. I'll be using smaller needles, less stitches, and I am halving the number of rows per color colour.

If there's one thing I'm really good at, it's looking at a guide or instructions or the rules and saying "Well I'm not doing it that way." The Doctor totally digs that. And, I think I did okay for completely forgetting the list of colors when I went to the store. Not only did I get pretty darn bloody close/close enough on all my colors, I actually did not even forget any colors! Er, colours. Colours!

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STPH said...

Hi Jen!
I see that you haven't posted on this blog for almost a year, but i stumbled upon it when i was looking for directions to knit with cat hair... I just had to leave you a message, cause I'm so impressed by people who can make such beautiful(and in our case cute en funny)things with knitting. I totally suck at it.. So i suppose that answers the question 'what am i doing here?'
Take Care and good luck with knitting!
Steph Byrne (holland)