Sunday, March 30, 2008

Casey has a sweatuh

Casey has a sweatuh, originally uploaded by jen.fotos.

I think he actually likes it.


Poor Casey, he has no idea.

I'm taking a break from Arwen to whip this up quickly. Arwen, meanwhile, is finished on the left side, and about halfway on the back. I guess at this point I could say - HALF DONE OMG. Since it's been in progress for two months, I'll give myself lots of padding and say it'll be done in four months.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Arwen part whatever

Arwen part whatever, originally uploaded by jen.fotos.

I have now managed to goof up the cable FOUR TIMES. So, whatever. It always seems to fix itself, and it's not blaringly obvious. I don't think, anyway.

I am going to HAWAII tomorrow, which means I will have a lot of time to knit on the planes. This project is kind of too complicated to wrangle in an airplane seat, but I really really really want to keep moving on it. Also it requires a cable needle, three different cheat sheets I'm using plus the pattern, a measuring tape, pencil, stitch markers, cutting apparatus, and I'm already carrying on my laptop and my SLR camera + lenses. TOO MUCH STUFF. Then I remembered the back. The back is a large, simple stockinette rectangle without even any increases or decreases. So, that is what is all bunched up there on that shorter needle. It is ready for takeoff! Two skeins of yarn, two needles. Much easier to deal with.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Arwen part eleventy.

arwen11ty.jpg, originally uploaded by jen.fotos.

I managed to put all the stockinette back on a thinner circular needle, then carefully ripped back, repositioning the cable sections back on the needles one stitch at a time. This whole process took about a half hour, much much faster than backwards-knitting all 1500 of those wrong stitches.

And I'm very glad I did so, because it looks like it's going to be a perfect fit AND it will knit faster—that's three whole other sleeve sections I will not have to increase.

The instructions say to graft the cuff together to form a seamless cable. but that was not going to happen ever. After several frustrating attempts to come up with 24 stitches to put back on the needle from the cast-on edge, I finally decided hay I think it will be alright if my sweater has seams. Seams happen.

Friday, March 07, 2008


That is approximately how many stitches I am backwards-knitting of Arwen, because apparantly I do not need to widen the arms any further and I'm terrified to just frog it to the point before I added all those stitches. So, no pic because it was further along than the last pic, but now it's just further along less than before with more to go backwards on.


Thursday, March 06, 2008


CABLES, originally uploaded by jen.fotos.

Scarf: Cabled. Yarn: Malabrigo. Needles: METAL man I hate metal.

Since I can do about two or three rows per day on my "breaks" without getting interrupted by people DEMANDING to know what is wrong with the color printer, I can only hope this will be done sometime before next December.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Quidditch Sweater

Quidditch Sweater, originally uploaded by jen.fotos.

I love this yarn, it's just Cascade 220 but it's this great obnoxious pink/red color, and the green is equally blinding. The pattern seemed simple enough, but the arm pictured is way too long and that was after I redid it without the cuff! I'll try it one more time using MATHS to reduce the number of rows, and if that doesn't work I'll just have to frog this sucker. I guess it could be a felted bag or something.


Arwen, originally uploaded by jen.fotos.

There should be 158 stitches across now, I'm actually afraid to count it. It takes 15 minutes to do one row.