Saturday, March 15, 2008

Arwen part whatever

Arwen part whatever, originally uploaded by jen.fotos.

I have now managed to goof up the cable FOUR TIMES. So, whatever. It always seems to fix itself, and it's not blaringly obvious. I don't think, anyway.

I am going to HAWAII tomorrow, which means I will have a lot of time to knit on the planes. This project is kind of too complicated to wrangle in an airplane seat, but I really really really want to keep moving on it. Also it requires a cable needle, three different cheat sheets I'm using plus the pattern, a measuring tape, pencil, stitch markers, cutting apparatus, and I'm already carrying on my laptop and my SLR camera + lenses. TOO MUCH STUFF. Then I remembered the back. The back is a large, simple stockinette rectangle without even any increases or decreases. So, that is what is all bunched up there on that shorter needle. It is ready for takeoff! Two skeins of yarn, two needles. Much easier to deal with.

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