Monday, October 06, 2008

Fall is officially here!


I've been cooking turkey in the slow-cooker, wearing lots of Samhain (and my vintage is from 2005; this stuff lasts and lasts, folks) and Holy Terror, drinking a little Octoberfest, and knitting a bat. And a pumpkin.


Ya gotta love that outside lighting! Overcast skies can be the perfect diffuser for glare.

Bat and Pumpkin. This pattern I found to be a little easier than a Hansigurumi pattern, but some things had me scratching my head anyway. For one, I'm not happy with the holes that M1s will leave, so I used a variety of knit-left-loop and knit-right-loops on the upper half. Seaming seamlessly still evades me to some point, so I just make it sloppy and figure that nobody will see those parts but me. The pumpkin was much easier and I modified it to make it shorter and plumper by running the brown strand through the center top and bottom stems and tightening. Squish!

My purple sweater is still blocking. I might get to wear it this week, though!


catpurl said...

That's the cutest bat and pumpkin I've ever seen!

jen said...

Thanks! I like them a lot. :D

giddykiwi said...

When I was at the Shoreview SuperTarget today, the cashier lady said if you ever want to sell your knitted shopping bags, you would have at least 10 customers there. Heh.

Love the bat! And the pumpkin is so kewt! :D One day, I'll learn...