Friday, October 03, 2008

The Sweater in the Low Light.


Purple sucks and I am tired of trying to get it to photograph right.


Sometimes it looks like this.

Vine Lace Cardigan

This is probably most accurate.

COMPLETELY related, I do not like it when a pattern tells you to "pick up 5 sitches, then 58, then 5 more" on the cast-on edge, oh and also, the amount of stitches you cast on at that edge six months ago? 64. I guess this thing happens a lot! Because I see a handful of other projects in this pattern on the Ravelry, and nobody else mentions this problem. Like, it happens with every pattern and people just accept this? Or there is something glaringly obvious that I am not interpreting in these instructions! Finally I ripped the collar out and started over with just matching the stitches I had cast on originally. And now I have a collar which is JUST FINE, THANK U VERY MUCH.

Last night was spent around a little bonfire, and now Arwen smells kinda smoky. I KNOW the yarn is called "superwash" and I've gotten it wet once before to block it, and again, superwash, but the thought of washy-washing it is making me a little nervous. It's my first sweater! And I'm going to WASH it. Scary!

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