Friday, May 16, 2008


I thought I had kicked the BPAL obsession to a mostly benign level—but it turns out, I've just replaced them with Knit Picks.

My Harmony Options arrived yesterday, which made yesterday easily the most exciting day of the week so far! I quickly assembled the 8's onto a 36" cord, and started knitting Arwen (which has grown far beyond what my 12" straights can handle). About four stitches in, I realized I had a serious problem. One of the tips had a teeeeeny nick in it which was causing the yarn to catch. Serious bummer. This was the only project I wanted to use these needles on for the moment, and I couldn't use them!

This morning I called (according to their site, their phone hours are between 5am and 6pm PT Monday through Friday, 6am - 5pm Saturday, oh woe for the rep who has to go to work at FIVE AYEM, that is not even an hour I'm sure exists on this planet) and explained the situation, and was told a new set of 8's would be sent to me. I can keep the bad pair, which is nice because there is still one good tip, and I had kind of taken to using it as a cable needle last night. Since I had them on the phone, I ordered that pretty pretty purple yarn, about five color cards, and the Harmony Wood cable needles also.

Before I called, I had picked out everything I wanted and put it in an online cart. This turned out to be useful, I think, because the rep asked me for item numbers first, and then confirmed descriptions. So, a tip if you phone in your order: Have the item numbers handy.

In conclusion: Beth at the Lab, if you were wondering why I haven't ordered any smelly things lately— that's why. Sorry! My TKO is getting down to the last third, so it'll be time for a re-order soon.

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