Thursday, May 22, 2008

Heart Scarf

Heart Scarf, originally uploaded by jen.fotos.

You know how sometimes you have yarn that you know what you want to do with it, and yet it keeps not working out right, and you've frogged three scarves with it now, plus it's Malabrigo so it's starting to look a little worn, and you're this far on version four and you want to rip this one out too because you loathe your edge stitches and wish you'd slipped them so you didn't end up with these weird lumpy things?

Yeah. That.

I'm not allowing myself to frog this, but I am making note that I need to slip my edge stitches whenever possible on future projects, because I just can't do them properly.


jumi said...

the edge stitches should look a lot cleaner when you block the scarf. The pattern is way cute...nice find!

Heather said...

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