Saturday, February 16, 2008

A sweater for Arwen.

Arwen, originally uploaded by jen.fotos.

I'm knitting a Sweater for Arwen. For myself. We are like one in the same, Arwen and me. We're both brunette, immortal, and all that stuff.

This right here is an entire day's worth of work. (There may have been occasional pauses to watch BSG and reflect upon how pretty Helo is.)

I'm already somewhat hesitant about the pattern, since size M is going to be a perfectly tight fit, and size L was going to be, I don't know, Eomer-sized instead of Arwen-sized. (I don't know, Eomer seems like the beefiest of the LOTR guys.) Since I started this as a retaliation to the sweater that is looooooooooongcat, I'm now going to err on the other side of caution. This cardigan will probably end up to be Frodo-sized.

But the cabling. It's so pretty. And it's reversible! I am very taken with it. It is getting fondled a lot. (Maybe I should name it Helo???)

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