Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday post fixing.

Friday post fixing., originally uploaded by jen.fotos.

I still have no idea how it happened, but on Tuesday I screwed something up and wasn't able to fix it properly due to the coffee shop kicking us out. I spent an hour on it still that night and finally got it fixed to some point or another. On Wednesday, I didn't knit at all. On Thursday, I was all prepared to move forward when suddenly, I found myself in a Bigger Mess™. This involved lots of frogging, and some tears, and there may have been wine involved!

I was actually dreaming about these crazy cables last night. It was a bad, bad situation.

But tonight I took a more concentrated effort to fix it, which seemed to go very well for the first hour, then it was wrong AGAIN. This was when I realized that my problem was happening because the thing I thought I fixed on Tuesday was not really fixed properly. The second hour, I spent knitting backwards all that I had just spent fixing, plus the extra two rows from Monday's error, and then finally doing a complete set of eight rows to make sure all the errors have been fixed. (They have, thank Hera.)

Tomorrow: Lifelines!

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