Thursday, July 24, 2008


I had some tech bloggy problems, but I think things might be straightened out now. And by problems, I mean I had an extreme case of "maybe I should move my blog! No, maybe I should rename this one. Noooo... move it. No. I don't know."

This could be related to the fact that I've had a rather hungry brain slug attached to my head.


A few notes for when I make this again: I used a long tail cast on and skipped the initial row ones which consisted of knitting straight across. This whole thing could be quite easily modified to knit in the round, and I regretted not doing that almost immediately. I am no good at seaming!

In other news, rumor has it that Mazzmatazz's infamous forbidden Adipose pattern will be available in a Guardian supplement come Saturday. Since I do not live in the UK, I must remain hopeful that I can take a peek at the pattern some other way to determine what the bloody hell I have been doing wrong with the feet.


I am actually ambivalent about my little Adipose project. His face turned out very cute, but I'm not happy with my seaming (vile seaming!) nor the acrylic yarn I used. I have a bit of Cascade 220 in a nice off-white, so I'd like to try to do-over. However, I know that a do-over has no chance of again achieving such a face. Squish.

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Mychawd said...

I've been thinking of knitting an adipose of my own. You're Brain Slug looks great!